Physician's Choice

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Physician’s Choice offers comprehensive contracts, through bid determined distribution channels in the following areas:


Our comprehensive pharmacy program offers more than 8,500 line items. This broad portfolio is contracted with more than 125 leading supply partners to achieve the best price possible.

Medical/Surgical Supplies

The Physician’s Choice medical/surgical program assists members in improving financial, operational and clinical performance by providing the highest quality medical and surgical product agreements. Physician’s Choice offers over 120 medical and surgical product agreements that cover more than 150,000 line items.

Capital Equipment

Physician’s Choice offers you the only publicly-bid contract portfolio, assuring that you receive the best terms and pricing on capital purchases. Harnessing over $1.5 Billion in annual capital equipment purchasing power, these contracts are among the strongest in the industry, representing more than 60 major manufacturers.


The Physician’s Choice Food and Nutrition Program offers food service distribution agreements, food supplier agreements and enteral nutrition agreements. This nationally-awarded contract provides a variety of products to ensure competitiveness and to provide the highest level of value to our members.


A complete line of housekeeping supplies allows you to procure name-brand, effective supplies to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of your facility.


Physician’s Choice offers agreements for film, contrast media, imaging and capital equipment.

Office Supplies

Forms, printing services, equipment and supplies are all available through the Physician’s Choice program.

NovaPlus Products

Our relationship with Healthcare Purchasing Partners International gives Physician’s Choice members access to NOVAPLUS private label products. Studies show these products cost an average of 14 percent less than their name-brand equivalents.

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